Spittal & Associates

About Us

Spittal & Associates is a full service accounting practice which prides itself on providing quality advice to a variety of clients in a professional and timely manner. We invest heavily in our people to ensure advice is tailored to the needs of each unique client. We are a forward thinking practice believing in planning for the future in addition to learning from the past.

Spittal and Associates (formerly known as CW Spittal & Associates) was formed by Charles Spittal in 1996.  At this particular time, his brother Mark joined Charles with a clear view of concentrating on servicing the needs of their clients in terms of minimising taxation and protecting existing assets to facilitate the creation of personal wealth.

Since then, both Charles and Mark have grown our client base by presenting quality and relevent information in a manner which is understandable to our clients.

Although our firm has a broad spectrum of clients accross all industries, it is through our own personal experiences that we have established a particular expertise in the areas of hospitality, construction, manufacturing and engineering.